BRC is an independent consultancy, established for more than 25 years, focusing on enterprise markets for network and cloud-based services.

Many of the world's top service providers and multinational enterprises have made repeat purchases of our services. Clients say that our careful, fact-based, analytical and transparent approach gives them confidence and impetus to make substantial improvements to business performance.

BRC has worked for a wide range of clients and covered most aspects of how service providers engage with enterprise customers. The breadth of scope of BRC's past projects - from both seller and buyer viewpoints - provides a broad base of practical ideas for meeting specialised client needs, wherever a precise market understanding is required as a secure foundation for critical decision-making.

We have distinctive strengths in each area below.

Understanding wider IT trends and their impact... including drivers that are transforming network and IT services, and which lie behind new concepts such as converged offerings and cloud computing.

Sophisticated research capabilities... uncovering numbers and metrics as well as attitudes and experiences, using multiple research methods combined with thorough technical and commercial knowledge.

Engaging with enterprise buyers... obtaining insights that cannot be obtained in other ways, and finding ways acceptable to customers of gathering sensitive information that is critical to forming an accurate market view.

Determining market prices, SLAs and other contract benchmarks ... providing benchmarks and insights about pricing drivers that matter in negotiations.

Investigating buyer decision-making... including requirements of large and small organisations, purchasing criteria and why particular suppliers were chosen or rejected.

Developing powerful models and tools... for fast and accurate analyses, price comparisons, organising data and presenting information clearly, so we can focus on the essentials of each problem and their implications for our clients.