BRC brings transparency to complex markets for network and cloud services. We help service providers to increase their revenues by optimising product competitiveness, pricing and sales effectiveness.

Service providers most often come to us when they need hard-to-get market information, or insights about the true purchasing desires, motivations, priorities and concerns of customers or prospects.

Accelerate Growth as You Expand Internationally

BRC has a long track record of helping innovative providers of enterprise services expand internationally.

Many now-global players made substantial use of BRC services as they developed their international services.

We help in areas such as identifying and engaging with more target customers, understanding the competitive landscape, setting optimal prices and increasing sales win rates, all amid the transformations taking place in enterprise networks and IT.

By bringing a combination of market analysis expertise and long experience from many past projects, involving a wide range of technical and commercial factors, we can provide focused strategic or tactical assistance.

Secure Your Competitiveness in the Changing Market Landscape

BRC has developed a strategic framework for explaining trends in different sectors of networking and IT and the interactions between them.

Combining this with an understanding of relevant markets and competitors, strategic options become much clearer. This can be for whatever purpose you are considering such as mapping the market landscape, obtaining a fresh view of competitors, anticipating market developments, defining product strategies or customer targeting.

We help at different levels from answering big questions of how to differentiate and compete long term to working out detailed service features, costs, pricing or financials.

Boost Revenues through Converged Offerings and Partnerships

Maturation and commoditisation in certain sectors potentially hurt growth but can also provide solid operating bases for introducing new or more integrated solution concepts. Partnerships can be useful for developing new opportunities and finding new customers, especially where offerings are at early stages of development.

We help clients to identify new partners or distributors and develop commercial relationships with them. We can start by meeting potential partners or distributors to gauge their reactions to new ideas while maintaining objectivity and confidentiality.

With long experience of global networking BRC is well placed to help application and network providers develop new synergies, helping service providers to be the best possible application distribution partner and helping application innovators seeking wide-area or global distribution.

Maximise Revenues with Superior Pricing Intelligence

BRC provides true measures of contracted price points based on unbiased and statistically valid sampling of many contracts negotiated by professional buyers.

Our more thorough approach determines average prices and relationships in the market as a whole with quantified accuracy, not just sample averages. This meets the most demanding needs of global service providers, for which unrepresentative pricing errors have huge costs.

Our approach enables clients to price competitively and confidently without under pricing, and to manage price versus revenue yields by knowing how far to increase prices relative to the market lowest without hurting sales win rates.

Sharpen Product or Sales Competitiveness Using Deeper and Bespoke Research

BRC provides hard insights about customer needs that cannot be gained in other ways because they include elements that customers will not normally divulge (especially to suppliers) or are difficult to calibrate.

We bring much more precision to our research projects because they often support critical investment or strategy decisions. By researching numbers and metrics as well as attitudes and experiences BRC helps sharpen supplier value propositions, price positioning, product competitiveness and sales effectiveness.

Our unique win-loss projects are a powerful and cost-effective way to be sure to focus on the right areas for improvement. They reveal which detailed technical or commercial factors are affecting sales, and how to boost win rates and revenue per customer, while our broader sampling reveals how to bid on more opportunities.