BRC helps industry investors and M&A practitioners make critical decisions.

We can help with specific investments by drawing on our industry knowledge and extensive research expertise to provide assurances in areas such as:

  • Whether target businesses have true and sustainable differentiation from technical or commercial perspectives.
  • The extents of synergy and rationalisation opportunities across product portfolios.

We can also help more generally in areas such as identifying potential investment or acquisition targets and quantifying opportunities.

We bring deep knowledge of network and cloud services, how customers buy them and their market landscapes.

We can also provide specialised, custom research, drawing on our large and up-to-date contact database of network and IT buyers in major European enterprises. These contacts regularly contribute to our ongoing research into customer insights and market metrics.

BRC conducted due diligence for the first ISP coming to market in the UK in 1994. Starting so early in digital markets and working with key providers ever since has given us an unrivalled understanding of the challenges when assessing the commercial impact of game-changing technologies and services.

Our many projects for service providers covered areas important to entering new international markets and then sustaining competitiveness. These include testing customer attitudes to new solutions, market sizing and forecasting, price positioning, competitor analyses, financial modelling, negotiating with joint venture partners, and sales and channel development.