Increasing Value through Cross-Sector Convergence

This white paper outlines the drivers of convergence across different sectors of networking and IT and how they are shaping new market developments and opportunities.

While the term convergence has been around for some time in the telecoms industry it increasingly has a much wider context.

It once referred to blending fixed, mobile, voice and data services, which was often invisible to users. Now convergence across different content, application, infrastructure and networking sectors is a common feature of innovative solutions which are transforming markets for networks and IT. Convergence is also at the forefront of entirely new applications and user experiences – Uber and self-driving cars being just two examples that make front page news.

Convergence often brings suppliers together in unexpected ways as they seek partnerships or acquisitions to support next generation product strategies. Also many converged services require scale to make their propositions effective, which requires major investment.

This white paper draws on a recent BRC report about transformation and convergence in networks and IT and outlines the foundational principles at work. While it largely focuses on enterprise markets for network and IT services, the principles also apply to other media and technology markets.

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