BRC provides insightful, complimentary white papers and reports to help network and IT service buyers.

Revisiting Your International Network Strategy

This report helps you find new ways to control costs, improve application performance or support new working practices. More »

Accessing Cloud Applications for Multinational Companies

As companies buy more applications as cloud services this report sets out the options available from top international service providers. More »

Cloud Security and Data Privacy

This report will enable you to understand key security and data privacy concepts, navigate the legal terminology and know where to start when reviewing your own situation or comparing cloud services. More »

Strategic Directions of Top Global Network Service Providers

This report updates you about the latest developments from top international providers. More »

Negotiating Global MPLS and Other WAN Contracts

This report explains how to maximise your negotiating leverage while minimising your effort, especially when you prefer to keep the same supplier beyond contract expiry. More »

Global Network Service Costs: Key Ratios and Benchmarks

This report helps you compare your global network service costs with the average expenditures of other companies. More »