Transformations in International Network Purchasing Report


14 pages, PDF format.

This report provides valuable insights about the roles of new technologies and services in multinational networks. It is based on research into lessons that buyers learned as they evaluated, adopted or rejected a wide range of options.

Buyers undertook these evaluations as they sought innovative ways to reduce costs, access cloud services, improve application performance, improve service quality, or facilitate office deployments and relocations.

The new technologies covered include SD-WAN, hybrid WAN, QoS-enabled Internet and NNI-based links. The report also reveals the changing role of more established technologies such as WAN optimisation. By covering a wide range of technologies and services the report will save you the time needed to research them individually.

The report helps network buyers in multinational companies by telling them where new types of solutions could be suitable, and where they are not suitable, for particular needs. It will help you to identify workable solutions, avoid the wrong choices, and fast-track strategies and procurements.

For each technology or service there is information about:

  • How many customers considered them.
  • How and where buyers managed to save money, to help you minimise your own costs.
  • Customer views of benefits and weaknesses found in practice, so you can decide which solutions to consider or exclude.
  • Lessons learned that suppliers and buyers generally do not reveal.
  • Key points (that would be easily missed) to include in RFPs so you can avoid surprises, stay in control and focus on getting the best deal.

The report focuses on evaluations by network buyers in large multinational companies headquartered in Europe. To understand how the market is changing we consider only evaluations that represent changes to types of network technologies and services being used by each customer.

Table of Contents

Number of Customers Considering Each Option
Suppliers of Adopted Solutions
Introduction to Tables
WAN Optimisation
Application Acceleration
Basic Internet VPN
Hybrid WAN
QoS-Enabled Internet VPN
NNI-Based Links
4G/LTE and Wavelength
Changes to Geographical Emphases

Companies Featured

Dimension Data
Global Cloud Xchange
Orange Business Services
Vodat International

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