BRC helps large enterprises optimise and future-proof purchases of network, mobile, data centre and cloud services by providing better market visibility at key stages of decision making. We also reduce cost, risk and complexity during the purchasing cycle.

Our services draw on wholly independent research into lessons learned by other buyers, average negotiated prices, and contract benchmarks.

We also bring experience of the corporate purchasing and negotiation process, and strong analytical skills to simplify evaluations.

Are Your Current Services Market-Competitive?

BRC enables clients to see whether the services they are using are still competitive – and whether they are likely to remain competitive into the future.

By comparing your existing services and costs with latest market prices, and also considering wider trends, we recommend the best way forward. This can range from reshaping your contracts when they come up for renewal to evaluating new types of services.

Our market-wide data about contracts and prices, and information about industry trends, provide the facts needed for deciding what to do.

Leverage Upcoming Contract Renewals

The time when a contract is coming up for renewal is when you have maximum buying leverage.

We provide the market visibility needed to exploit this type of opportunity. Our market pricing and other data maximises your negotiating position and enables differences to be resolved with minimal time and cost.

BRC compares your costs with average negotiated price levels across appropriate numbers of comparable contracts, and provides the evidence to know where to push for cost reductions.

Profit from New Service Concepts

As much of the industry transforms buyers need to make more complex comparisons between new service types. They also face strategic challenges such as deciding how to mitigate risks associated with having fewer suppliers or defining new technical and commercial boundaries.

We help you stay in control when buying new services such as cloud applications, cloud computing, SD-WANs, unified communications or other converged services.

Depending on what is required we can assist at any one or all of the procurement stages, from requirements analysis through the RFP process to contract negotiation.