Cloud Innovations in Enterprise Software

To help enterprises successfully engage with the many new opportunities, we are offering you a FREE report about cloud innovations in enterprise software.

The report explains the direction the market is taking and provides a starting point to help enterprises make full use of cloud apps for business improvement. It contains:

  • An outline of how the cloud is increasingly impacting the enterprise software market, from a business end user viewpoint;
  • Lists of relatively new suppliers of cloud-based software which have received funding to expand internationally, a sign of a tipping point towards mass adoption, split by more than 10 business functions such as customer service, HR, marketing and sales;
  • Information about cloud-based tools for application integration and API management;
  • Lessons from real customer experiences gained from adoption of cloud-based software, illustrating real returns on investment.

The report is based on BRC’s consultancy experience and objective research. BRC is wholly independent of any supplier.

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